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Какво са ролевите игри? Как се играе? Как се играе добре? Как се води добре? Защо се прави така, а не иначе? И какво мислите за... Ето само част от въпросите, които рано или късно сполетяват всеки ролеви фен. Тук е мястото за всякакви ролеви теми, били те обвързани с конкретна система или не.
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Questionable products Some products are thought differently by people who have a paleo lifestyle. An example of this is milk. Is milk paleo or not? Some people with this lifestyle do not drink milk because they think that tens of thousands of years ago they did not milk cows to provide themselves with this drink. Others do occasionally drink a glass of milk. The difference in mind applies to all dairy products. Is the paleo diet feasible?For the people who live paleo. Not everyone lives 100% paleo, but instead they use the 80/20 principle. In other words: At least 80% of what they eat per day is paleo and the remaining percentage cannot be paleo. If you are just starting out with this way of life, you will definitely have to get used to thinking about everything you want to eat whether or not it's paleo. The longer you spend on it, the more natural it becomes for you. In the old Stone Age people could also live from the food they had available, so why should we not be able to live on the same products? That is the idea.


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