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Какво са ролевите игри? Как се играе? Как се играе добре? Как се води добре? Защо се прави така, а не иначе? И какво мислите за... Ето само част от въпросите, които рано или късно сполетяват всеки ролеви фен. Тук е мястото за всякакви ролеви теми, били те обвързани с конкретна система или не.
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Keto 6TM
which occurs in certain parts of China, Indonesia and Japan. The plant's dried tubers contain around 40% glucomannan gum. Jelly is also extracted from the plants and processed into various products including pasta, noodles, rice and sweets. It should not be confused with 'cognac': glucomannan konjac contains no alcohol!How does glucomannan contribute to a diet? The special thing about glucomannan is that it can absorb very large amounts of water, up to 100 times its own weight. It then forms a jelly-like substance that cannot be absorbed by the body. It is therefore not converted into fat, but it does contribute to the delay in the absorption of other fats and carbohydrates. Moisture is required for this process, so it is advisable to drink plenty of water when using glucomannan. In addition to this metabolic effect, glucomannan also has a psychological effect because it helps in the fight against hunger that sooner or later looms up while following a diet. This product gives a nice, full and saturated feeling that makes you less inclined to snack between meals.


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