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Organa keto
What is the Egg Diet? The Egg Diet is a diet that appears in the list of crash diets. You eat a maximum of 40 eggs per week, which means you lose pounds quickly. You may not follow the diet for longer than 1 week. This is usually the case with crash diets. The egg diet is a diet that is not well known, but is effective. How does the egg diet work? At the Egg Diet you eat eggs all day. It doesn't matter if they are cooked or baked. In addition to eating eggs, you may also have other selected foods. Eggs contain a lot of proteins. The nutritiousness of these proteins will prevent the feeling of hunger that you have with most crash diets. The Egg Diet is therefore easier to maintain than other crash diets. Eggs have a cholesterol-raising effect. This means you cannot follow it for longer than a week. Note that if you suffer from high cholesterol, you should not start this diet.


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