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Правене на Клан

Експериментална игра в света на Глоранта по правилата на Heroquest 2
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Re: Правене на Клан

Мнение от Yago » пон сеп 09, 2013 11:50 pm

Честит ви завършен клан:

Your clan sheet

Element Rune: Air
Power Rune: Movement

Resource Ratings
War: 12W
Peace: 9W
Magic: 18
Morale: 18
Wealth: 12

Clan Values
Hate Lunars

Clan Slogan
No one can make you do anything.

Garan the Low Star and Serias

Relationships with Neighbours
3 Friends
4 Allies
4 Enemies

Other Relationships
Hate Forces of Winter
Hate Broos
Hate Those who claim that Arkat betrayed us
Hate God King
Hate Delecti
Hate Undead
Hate Lunars
Allied with Praxians

Wyter Abilities
Bless the Earth Season
Weave smart flax
Magic cannot force our will
Our ancestors give us knowledge of distant lands
Beast-Calming Speech
Vanish in Shadows
Endure Cold and Snow
Cut and shape Fire
Strengthen against Disease
Starlight lights the area, revealing what is hidden
Fight against Chaos
Weapons of the Underworld

Heroquest Secret
Orlanth and the Lady of the Wild

Foes of Malia the Disease Mother
Fear Dragons

Clan Abilities
The nomads of Prax' peace ritual
Sheep Herding

Clan Notes
Feminine Beginings
Shrine to Humakt
Clan Patron: Orlanth

Clan Myths
The Great Fire burnt the world, but we allied with Fire Tribe survivors. With combined magic, we learned to cut fire and cut a spot for us to survive.
Orlanth and the Lady of the Wild(About how Orlanth explored the world and met the Lady, and brought back precious rocks and herbs).

Attitudes to Lunars
Lunar Friendly 0%
Lunar Hostile 100%
ум колкото на замажан синигер

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Re: Правене на Клан

Мнение от Асен » пон сеп 09, 2013 11:58 pm

4)We gave them hospitality.
2)We fought honorably, but not insanely.
3)We chose to bide our time until a good day for rebellion came.
2)We argued that the mere absence of a king should not suspend Heort's laws.
2)We sent some warriors to fight.
2)We dislike him, but he could be worse.
Само за протокола - това щях да гласувам. Така генерираният клан ме урежда идеално.
Сега да видим какво ще правим като персонажи, предполагам.
And Jesus said unto them, "And whom do you say that I am?"
"You are the eschatological manifestation of the
ground of our being, the ontological foundation of the context of our very self-hood revealed."
And Jesus said"what?"


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